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Login & Connection Issues

I can't login and I have tried resetting my password, nothing works!

In this case, please make sure that your device meets minimum system requirements and that you have connection to the internet. Otherwise, you won't be able to acces your account.

Internet connection lost, will I receive position updates of my family members?

If you lose your connection to the internet, you will be notified the application. You will not receive any position updates from that point until you reconnect again.

I have internet connection, but my position doesn't update, why?

In this case you might have insufficient GPS signal for the application to accurately determine your location. Please make sure there are no structural interferences that shield you from the GPS signal (this mostly occurs inside buildings, underground etc). You also might want to consider trying other applications that use GPS as well, your GPS module might be damaged. In case none of the above helps, please conntact support.

I can't login after reinstalling!

The reason you are having this issue is because you are in the registration screen. To get to the propper login screen, please tap on the Back button in the top left corner of the screen.

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